The complete Handbook is still in draft status


Wood is a natural product; therefore colours and design of the veneer might slightly change or be not regular. After a certain time, the colour of the wood could darken, depending on the kind of wood.
Specifications subject to change without notice
We are not responsible for ear problems due to loud playing music
These speakers might be a risk for small pets: they could enter in the bass reflex chamber or in the horn and damage themselves and the speakers. We are not responsible for any kind of damage occurring from or occurring to pets
Music playing with pets inside the speakers could result in the death of the pet.
The speaker drive units create stray magnetic fields that extend beyond the boundaries of the cabinet. We recommend you keep magnetically sensitive articles (television and computer screens, computer discs, audio and video tapes, swipe cards and the like) at least 0.5m from the speaker.
The pictures in this handbook might differ from the actual product.