The complete Handbook is still in draft status

Positioning of the loudspeakers

Positioning of the speakers pretends some experimentation to obtain the optimal sound result. Goal of the experimentation is to optimize the interaction between speakers and listening room.

Positioning of the loudspeakers:

• Decide which is going to be your listening spot;
• Do not put your listening spot to near to the back wall of the room: it will give you an excess of bass and reduce its definition and its precision;
• Place the speakers and the centre of the listening area approximately at the corners of a isosceles triangle;
• The speaker should be at the same distance from the listening spot
• Keep the speakers at least 1.5m (5ft) apart from each other to maintain left-right stereo separation;
• Keep the speaker at least 0.5m (20in) away of walls.
• If you put the speaker too close to the walls, the level of bass relative to midrange increases and this might give a boomy touch to the sound;
• Keep the two loudspeaker at the same distance from rear wall
• The distance between the left speaker and the left wall should be equal to the distance between the right speaker and the right wall
• Point the speakers directly to your ears, and then turn the left speaker clockwise and the right speaker counterclockwise open of about 10°-15° in order to have the sound wave to pass you by
• Once you have found a rough position, place masking tape on the floor, in order to identify clearly their position. Mark the tape in 2cm increments. This will allow you to move each speaker exactly the same amount, without having to re-measure each time.
• Proceed with the fine adjustment of the speakers’ position moving them centimeter by centimeter and degree-by-degree until you find the perfect spot and direction that suits Your tastes. Take your time to perform this process, it might take some weeks of trying and errors
• Even small changes in the position of the speakers or the listeners can have a profound effect on the perceived sound quality

Room - Loudspeakers interaction:

• Moving the speakers further from the walls will reduce the general level of bass;
• Moving the speakers closer to the walls will increase the level of bass;
• Space behind the speakers helps to create an impression of depth;
• If the central image is weak, try moving the speakers closer together or toeing them in but do not direct them straight to the listeners.

Fine tuning of the equipment:

• Make sure that all the connections in the installation are correct and secure
• Check the phase of the electrical devices
• Respect the power supply connection priority of the devices: the devices with lower power demand should be the first from the wall
• Connect devices with switching power supply on a different wall plug than devices with analog power supply

Fine tuning of the room:

• If the level bass is uneven, very often is due to the excitation of resonance modes in the room
• Large pieces of furniture can have an effect on the overall frequency distribution inside the room
• To reduce the harshness of the sound, increase the amount of soft furnishings in the room (for example use heavier curtains, carpets, cushions)
• If the sound is dull and lifeless reduce the amount of soft furnishing in the room
• If your room has flutter echo (to test for it clap your hands and listen for rapid repetitions), reduce them by the use of irregular shaped surfaces such as bookshelves and large pieces of furniture

Important safety information

Magnetic stray fields.

The speakers units create diffuse magnetic fields that extend beyond the boundaries of the cabinet. These magnetic fields might influence magnetic sensitive articles (screens, computer drives, magnetic cards…) and might be influenced by mobile telephones.
• We recommend therefore You keep magnetic sensible articles at least 0.5m away from the speaker.

Positioning risks:

• Ensure the speakers stand firmly on the floor.
• Whenever possible fit the spike feet supplied after you have optimized the positioning
• The spikes are designed to pierce through carpets to the floor surface in order to grant to the loudspeaker the best possible stability
• Blumenhofer Acoustics opted for a 3 spikes system in order to facilitate the setup of the loudspeakers.
• If the unit is to be placed on a vulnerable surface, such as a wooden floor, place the protective disc under each spike
• Check that there are no cables under the carpet that may be damaged by the spike feet
• Do not walk the product on the spike feet as this may cause them to become detached from the cabinet and cause damage
• Take care not to impale yourself with the spike feet when moving the product