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Impedance Linearisation

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The impedance correction is switched off
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The impedance correction is switched on
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On the left side the bridge is not inserted and therefore the impedance linearization is not active. On the right picture the impedance linearization bridge is inserted and therefore active

Every correction is good as long as it doesn't bring an error which is worse than the error corrected.

When should be used the impedance linearization?
We think that to correctly operate with Tube amplifiers, a flat impedance curve is mandatory. In this way there are less chances that in some frequencies it plays abnormally.
Ground rule according to our experience:
- most tube amplifiers need a cross over impedance linearization
- solid state power amplifiers do not need impedance linearization
- digital amplifier do need it

But the most important point: if you like with impedance linearization better than without, then you should use it and of course the other way around

To get more information about the impedance linearization You can have a look here at our technologies pages