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Limited Warranty

This product has been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.
However, if something does go wrong with this product, Blumenhofer Acoustics and its national distributors warrant free of charge labour (exclusion may apply) and replacement parts in any country served by an official Blumenhofer Acoustics distributor.
This limited warranty is valid for a period of five years from the date of purchase or two years for electronics including amplified loudspeakers.

Terms and Conditions
1 The warranty is limited to the repair of the equipment. Neither transportation, nor any other costs, nor any risk for removal, transportation and installation of products is covered by this warranty.

2 This warranty is only valid for the original owner. It is not transferable.

3 This warranty will not be applicable in cases other than defects in materials and/or workmanship at the time of purchase and will not be applicable:
==> for damages caused by incorrect installation, connection or packing,
==> for damages caused by any use other than correct use described in the user manual, negligence, modifications, or use of parts that are not made or authorized by Blumenhofer Acoustics,
==> for damages caused by faulty or unsuitable ancillary equipment,
==> for damages caused by accidents, lightning, water, fire heat, war, public disturbances or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of Blumenhofer Acoustics and its appointed distributors,
==> for products whose serial number has been altered, deleted, removed or made illegible,
==> if repairs or modifications have been executed by an unauthorized person.

4 This guarantee complements any national/regional law obligations of dealers or national distributors and does not affect your statutory rights as a customer.

How to claim repairs under warranty
Should service be required, please follow the following procedure:

1 If the equipment is being used in the country of purchase, you should contact the Blumenhofer Acoustics authorized dealer from whom the equipment was purchased.

2 If the equipment is being used outside the country of purchase, you should contact Blumenhofer Acoustics national distributor in the country of residence who will advise where the equipment can be serviced. You can contact Blumenhofer Acoustics in Germany per mail or visit our distributor's web page to get the contact details of your local distributor.
To validate your warranty, you will need the original sales invoice or other proof of ownership and date of purchase.